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It is important before even minor works are begun that there is a masterplan that co-ordinates the whole project. In residential work this is easy but in commercial applications it is more complex but also more essential.

The masterplan ties in the whole project with design, provision of services and unnecessary duplication of works


Any multi residential work whether one unit at the rear of a property or highrise apartment requires town planning permits.

Every year our firm sucessfully completes many townhouse applications on behalf of owners.

Every council has its specific area requirements as well as the state planning regulations to comply with. We are well experienced at negotiating with townplanning officers to achieve  sucessfull outcomes.

We deal with councils from Port Fairy, Surfcoast, Geelong, Beechworth to Melbourne councils.


We succesfully deal with many planning projects in heritage overlay areas or heritage listed buildings.

Heritage overlays in areas where you are building or rennovating a non listed dwelling can be annoying, but with careful planning and consultation sucessful outcomes can be achieved.