Sustainable & Enviromental Design

Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Building Design in Geelong

Sustainable Design a much used and abused term.

Australia with its abundant natural resources has been a lot slower at adopting  more sustainable and eco friendly approaches .

Other countries that have suffered the enviromental effects from a lot more poulated and longer human habitation have seen the effects in polution and enviromental degredation. They have responded and have been developing technologies and practices that we can learn from. The video below gives a frightening statistical approach to the planets dilemma.

As an architectural design practice we are at the forefront (in a small way) of developent and the built enviroment. We encourage our clients to be more eco friendly with their projects  - not only because we believe it is necessary for the future of the planet, but because it works to their benefit in the short and long terms.

Sustainable design has many levels.

The greatest resource we have available is sunlight, and many of our buildings do not make efficient use of this resource.

How many kitchens do we see that are tucked in a back corner of a large family room that need the lights on to do detailed tasks? 

A living area facing North in a cooler climate with a square meter of sunlight falling onto a slab floor is performing like a sqare meter radiator panel aswell as banking warmth for later.

These are some of many  passive solutions available that will save the occupant money.

Solar panels and solar hot water solutions are nowsome of many viable active solutions.

Sustainable design also translates to the micro level on the use of water tanks, low water use gardens, vegetable beds etc.

Using Timber in Residential Architecture

Example of a sustainable building design in the Geelong area by J3 Design

Our use of building materials in the process of construction such as renewable timbers is important. To be able to grow a large percentage of our housing materials is important to the enviroment on many levels. Attached below is a paper published by Queensland Timber on the eco benefits of using timber. 

PDFQueensland Timber - Eco advantage of timber use (522 KB)