Interior Design - Don't Be Afraid Of Black.

26 November 2016

Black can be used as a back drop for many settings, allowing the furniture, lights, plants and ornaments to pop. People often have the wrong conception that black makes a room close in. When used correctly it can do the opposite. Black can blend into the background allowing objects to take centre stage. White furniture against a black wall is always striking. Introducing life and additional colour with candles, plants, cushions, throws, art work, fresh flowers in the colour you love. Also including different textures makes a room look and feel lush. Combine different eliments such as; satin cushions, fur throws, timber, crystal chandeliers, marble and also experiment with different foliage. Mix and match until you are happy with the look you like.  Small vignettes of interest draw the eye, be careful not to have too many objects as this can then look like clutter not styling......KISS. Remember Black is FAB.   

J3 Design Interior Design
Another striking vignette with black background


J3 Design Interior Design
Luxury with furs and chandelier, with black drapes as background