"DEVELOPING" NEWS | Architects Geelong

09 June 2017


Ever since the Victorian Planning Department bought in the new “Garden Laws”, everyone involved in planning, building, developing etc., has been running around trying to sort out all of the ramifications.

The most serious one appears to be with everyone who is trying to extend a planning permit. Councils “abiding by the letter of the law” (not common sense) are bound to assess every application to extend a planning permit under the new garden area laws, that did not exist when they originally got their permit.

With the percentage of garden areas required , where 3x 3 bed townhouses were successfully passed, they cannot fit anymore!

This means all developments designed to comply with the laws, when the permits were passed are now to be assessed with different requirements.

Would the same apply if we lowered the freeway speed limit and then go back and fine every one that  was over the new limit for the last 4 years, at least that scenario would be less detrimental

Often a development of townhouses for instance may take several years to get building permits and builders started. These developers who used to have the security of the planning permit being extended, now may have wasted their money on getting a planning permit because a redesign means a whole new permit.

So in the meantime every carpenter, concreter, labourer, bricklayer, steelworker, plasterer, joiner, electrician, plumber, roofer, tiler, painter, truss manufacturer, building supplier, architect, designers will slowly but surely see less work, because the normal flow of activity has been stalled possibly to a grinding halt by badly written legislation by some person in the State Planning Department. Stifling development stifles the economy

Victoria will see the stimulus package in reverse, and Victoria will suddenly find the brakes have been put on a thriving economy.